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Bringing at-home care management into the 21st century

Proxie blends human expertise with AI technology to deliver comprehensive care for your loved ones


Meet your new care companion

With 30+ years of experience, Proxie offers the value of human expertise with the power of data to work as your ‘personal health assistant’ — handling care tasks both big and small.

How Proxie works

Maintain constant communication

Proxie provides daily updates with completed and upcoming care tasks, allowing you to know what’s being done and what to expect.

Gain confidence with care coaching

Access helpful blogs, 1-minute videos, and even virtual second opinions if needed.

Looking after your own well-being is important, too. Learn from others who have been in your shoes…

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Unlock top tech solutions for home care

With a database of over 50 products from leading providers, we’ll recommend the best options.

Say goodbye to endless searching and hello to simplified care management at home.

Data tracking & analysis – 23 aspects of at-home care across 3 dimensions of health

Creating a data-driven, holistic care approach that is continuously optimized to uncover valuable insights across all care dimensions.

Benefits for Families

Proxie supports those who are responsible for managing the medical care and social needs of the family (or themselves), but lack enough time or knowledge of the healthcare system to do so.

Enjoy more quality time with less worry

Proxie expertly manages various medical and non-medical care tasks to achieve the health goals that matter most.

A convenient digital dashboard

Keep all important info in one easy-to-access digital dashboard – ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Benefits for Health Providers

Strengthen relationships, boost adherence, and access valuable insights for improved patient care.

Empowering provider-patient relationships

Proxie strengthens provider-patient relationships by offering patients and designated family members a greater understanding of their condition and effective ways to manage care at home.

Improve follow-through with home-based care

Boost patient adherence to provider instructions through convenient appointment scheduling and receiving coaching advice, all in the comfort of their homes.

Leverage data to improve patient care

Access valuable care data for future visits that can be used to comprehend and improve patient care.

Benefits for

Elevate well-being, boost employee confidence, and attract top talent with comprehensive benefits.

Lower healthcare costs, higher employee satisfaction

Increase employees’ overall well-being & peace of mind while decreasing healthcare costs.

Foster trust

Empower your employees with a greater sense of confidence — knowing their loved ones’ care is being handled.

Attract top tier talent

Stand out from the competition and draw in the best talent with your comprehensive benefits.

Changing the status quo

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