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Bringing caregiving into the 21st Century.

Proxie combines human expertise with the latest technology—to provide the planning, coordination and management to offer real care for the ones you care most about.

Proxie hero illustration showing two people, an elderly mother and daughter.

Proxie builds and activates end-to-end care plans for your loved ones

From daily wellness checks and scheduling medical appointments to helping you optimize insurance plans and simple explanations of conditions, we provide expertise along with hands-on assistance to support a healthcare system designed to achieve the outcomes that matter.

true coordination of care

Human expertise + technology to increase your peace of mind

With 30+ years of experience, Proxie offers the value of what a human expert does best with the power of technology to work as your 'personal healthcare assistant' handling the small as well as the big caregiving activities before you have to.


Built for continous connection

Know what's happening, what's being done and what to expect, period. With daily updates on completed or upcoming care tasks to keep you informed so you can take action when and where needed.

Proxie agents also work to make sure your entire care team is coordinated and has the information it needs to think ahead to maximize the quality of your care.


Gain confidence with coaching

Make better caregiving choices with the support of our skilled agents, simple e-guides, videos and even virtual second opinions if needed to reduce the stress surrounding the decisions you make.

Available whenever needed

Backed by an amazing support team

With a database of over 50 products from two dozen providers to give you recommendations on the most effective tech options to reduce the time spent searching or just not knowing what tools are available that could make a real difference.

Illustrations of woman looking at a tablet next to a larger version of the tablet with an image of a person and a vitals readout.

Thoughts on the healthcare system that Proxie improves...

While still in beta we're speaking to a number of families, care providers and others seeking a health caregiving solution that wholly and truly works.

“As this is your first time for most of us dealing with being a caregiver the experience can easily leaving you feeling overwhelmed and not exactly sure what the next steps are. Having a solution like Proxie solves that.”

Tina Jones
“I speak to patients and families about conditions that nod and seem to understand what I'm sharing I later realize they have no idea what is coming and worst how to be prepared...”

Jake Warren
Nurse Practitioner
“There's just so much you need to know and all the sudden. It's challenging to stay on top of everything especially when you're not living with your loved one. I wish we had our own health care social worker.”

Kim Smith

Proxie, care at your service

Making health care work for those you care most about. Gain peace of mind and expert support for the times you can't be there. Get Proxie....